JRSO is aggressively looking for Loss Portfolio Transfer Opportunities! We have the ability to help you close out old program years, and/or lines of business to improve your balance sheet, and cash positions. We are looking for situations where there are at least $2mm in Liabilities and the cash to go with. We can also discuss taking out Reserves, and injecting Additional Capital & Surplus into your facility.

Information needed to obtain a proposal:

  • Currently valued loss runs
  • Current Actuarial Study
  • Financials for the Entity Requesting the LPT
  • Questionnaire on the Download page

Upon receipt of all necessary information we are capable of having a proposal ready within 10 working days.



JRSO and the financial people we work with are able to offer Surplus Relief to Insurance Companies, Captive Insurance Companies, and Rent-A-Captive Facilities. We are able to take over Reserves, and/or a combination of Reserves, and Asset/Revenue generating policies.

Information necessary to obtain a proposal:

  • Currently valued Financial Statement
  • Current Yellow Book or Blue Book for Carriers
  • A summary of what you asking us to do.
    • The dollar amount of the transaction
    • What type of Assets/Liabilities are available
    • Most recent Actuarial of the Liabilities

Upon receipt of the necessary information we can provide a proposal within 10 working days.