Welcome to JRSO

JRSO, Inc., is a company specializing in structuring Alternative Insurance Transactions for those brokers and clients that have difficult risk, that require Special Solutions.

Our motto is:  “We Come Up with Creative Solutions for Difficult and Next to Impossible Programs!”

Having been in the insurance and alternative risk business for over 10 years, our contacts in the industry allow us to help those of you with programs and clients you know are profitable for both the carrier, reinsurer, and broker.

How many times have you sat back and said to yourself or a carrier rep:  “This is a good program, the clients are willing to work with you on loss control, and claims handling, if only you will become our partner, the program will work for all of us?”

The typical carrier responds thusly:  (Most of your Carriers are Probably Billion Dollar Companies)

  • You may be right, but it is not our Target Class
  • It’s outside our Reinsurance Treaty
  • It’s a Hazard Class we don’t  write
  • Don’t you have Some Main Street Business for us

If you are tired of those responses, give us a call, or send us an e-mail with what you are trying to accomplish, and let’s see if we can help you!